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Archive for September, 2011

BOLIVIA: The police dispersed a march of Amazonian Indians

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The Bolivian police Sunday broke up a march of a thousand Amazonian Indians opposed to a road project and dismantled a dam against near-demonstrators, defusing a risk of confrontation between the two groups.

Several people were injured when police used tear gas in the late afternoon to remove the natives, including women and children, camped in the village of Yucumo (northeast), and boarding buses to the town of San Borja, 55 km.

AFP saw several natives with apparently superficial injuries to the face led to the cars.

The police reported "two natives wounded" and several policemen also suffering minor injuries or bruises.

Local media cited the arrests during the intervention, but the police denied.

A nun and advocate for human rights, Maria Carvajal, making the heart of the intervention, denounced his "extreme violence". "I could not believe what was happening," she told AFP."There were injured (…) woman looking for her baby."

The police also dismantled-against demonstrators, Indian farmers coca growers, government allies, and who wanted to keep out the Indian marchers.

The prospect of violence involving native was a high political risk for President Evo Morales, the first Indian president of Bolivia, and self-proclaimed defender of indigenous rights.

The voltage was Yucumo rush these days of international media, human rights, and opposition politicians in this dusty Amazonian village.

The marchers had left India in mid-August in Trinidad (north) to La Paz, 600 km.They denounce a proposed route through a park, the Tipnis, who is also ancestral land of 50,000 Indian Moxenos, yurakarés Chimanes and three of a myriad of ethnic groups in Bolivia.

They arrived Saturday Yucumo, 320 miles from their goal, after a day of tensions, which saw them force a police checkpoint several hours and retain a minister came to the mediator, forcing him to walk with them for seven kilometers.Four policemen were wounded.

In an attempt to defuse the tension Sunday, President Morales had sent an invitation to a delegation of the marchers to come to La Paz that evening chat with him for the presidency.

The head of state, according to the road through the Tipnis is rejected by a minority, also announced a referendum in the provinces of Beni and Cochabamba, which will link the main road of 300 km.

"If they say yes, we will study the route to see the most practical, direct, and does not damage the environment," he said.

Beyond the controversy, walking has become a growing embarrassment for Morales, because in addition to media coverage and the risk of violence, she began to crystallize the support of opponents and former allies of the critical power.

A former Minister of Morales who joined the marchers, Alejandro Almaraz, said Sunday evening on Radio Erbol that many of them have escaped the police and "continue their march to La Paz via the mountain."

The Head of Delegation of the United Nations in Bolivia, Yoriko Yasukawa, a "deeply deplored violence" on Sunday and called on the authorities to "cease all violence and protect people."

FRANCE: Case Karachi: Hortefeux called into question after a "telephone exchange" with Thierry Gaubert

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

AFP - The families of the victims of the attack in Karachi have requested an investigation Friday on exchanges between Brice Hortefeux and close to Nicolas Sarkozy under investigation in this matter, which may affect the proper conduct of investigations.

"We ask the prosecutor to open a preliminary inquiry because the facts are extremely serious and we see that there is an apparent panic at the Elysee Palace and want to do everything to cover up this scandal," he said the lawyer for the families of victims of the attack in Karachi, Mr. Olivier Morice, denouncing "an obstacle" to the work of justice.

The lawyer revealed that the former interior minister had been "in contact" with a friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, Thierry Gaubert, while in custody followed by his indictment Wednesday by Judge Renaud van Ruymbeke in the financial aspect of the case Karachi.

Questioned by AFP, Mr Hortefeux, vice president of the UMP head of the cell response to the left, confirmed this telephone conversation, and another on September 14 revealed the that s relies on the transcription of eavesdropping. But he denied having had access to the investigation file on the case Karachi.

The reported a telephone conversation between Mr. Thierry Gaubert and Hortefeux, September 14, just before placing in custody of the latter.A phone call to warn him that his wife, Helene of Yugoslavia, interviewed four days earlier by Judge van Ruymbeke "swung a lot."

"What information did you like it, you, because she said she say anything?" Meets Thierry Gaubert. "It bothers me to tell you over the phone. There are many things huh," says the former interior minister.

About the other calls during the custody, Hortefeux said to AFP: "I do not know why he had his phone with him in custody, but it is said that ".In general, persons in custody are being remove their belongings, including mobile phones.

"I have never had access to any part of this investigation," he also assured the former minister, very close to Nicolas Sarkozy, who said they had read the comments of Helen Gaubert by the press, citing Le Nouvel Observateur .

Questioned by AFP, Michel Labro, managing editor of the Nouvel Observateur, said the newspaper had not reported the testimony of Helen of Yugoslavia on September 14: "This name, we do not see occur at home, in rereading before September 20, in the paper by Serge Raffy, "published in the issue dated September 22.

Version supported by a source close to the investigation by Mr. Morice for which the explanation given by Mr Hortefeux "not possible" because "phone interception" of the conversation between Mr. Gaubert and Hortefeux "predates" in article in the Nouvel Observateur. "So is lying to us again," he said.

Thursday, the two main unions of judges had condemned a breach of confidentiality of the investigation following a statement from the Elysee. "The name of head of state appear in any of the material presented.He has been quoted by any witness or actor in this case, "stated the communiqué issued after the indictment, the investigation into the financial part of the file Karachi, two close to Nicolas Sarkozy, Thierry Gaubert and Nicolas Bazire , a former campaign director of Edouard Balladur.

"In this case, nothing is normal.There are plenty of things that are on the edge of what the Code of Criminal Procedure provides, especially in the knowledge that may be the case that people should not have, "he reiterated Friday the president of the Union of Magistrates (USM, majority), Christophe Regnard.

"There are obviously outrageous incursions from the executive, especially the Elysee Palace, in the course of justice", was outraged Matthew Bonduelle, Secretary General of the Union of Magistrates (left).

Each person involved in an investigation is subject to professional secrecy, the prosecution may, however, determine that certain elements of the procedure are made public through a press release or a press conference.

Davis sees his grace refused on the eve of his execution

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Justice denied clemency to Troy Davis, a Black man sentenced to death in 1991 for killing a white police officer and became a symbol of the fight against the death penalty, Amnesty International said Tuesday on the eve of his scheduled execution Georgia (southeast).

"We confirm that the Georgia Board of Pardons refused to grant clemency to Troy Davis," said a spokesman for the advocacy organization Human Rights in Atlanta.

The meeting of the Board of Pardons in Atlanta, the capital of the state, was considered the last chance for the condemned, the governor of Georgia do not have the right of pardon.

The execution of Troy Davis is scheduled for lethal injection Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (2300 GMT) at the prison in Jackson, despite doubts about his guilt.

FRANCE: The Heritage Day version Socialist Party

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

"We wanted to share with our French heritage. We wanted to know that the head of the Socialist Party [SP] is an open house, the house of all socialists." Harlem Désir, the first acting secretary of the PS, scored, on Saturday, his best suit of communicating on the occasion of the first public opening of the Paris headquarters of the party as part of Heritage Day. "This day has no connection with primary [election designate, 9 and 16 October, the Socialist candidate for president in 2012]," he stressed, smile in front of microphones and cameras. We could have sworn the opposite.Sales of gadgets, simulation of primary distribution of pamphlets devoted to the project … At the headquarters of the Socialist PS, Heritage Day was the smell and color of a large publicity campaign.

"I vote Blum"

In - hungry - crowds of visitors from visiting the 10 rue Solferino in Paris, no one is fooled, and no one takes offense. Some even made the trip for that. "I just wanted to know how it goes for the primaries, where you can vote, what documents to present, etc..," Said Lawrence, a quarantine "instead of left but not to inset PS". It is also to participate in the simulation vote held in a room of the seat.Of the six (false) nominees - Jean Jaurès, Léon Blum, Aristide Briand, Louise Michel, Pierre Mendes-France and Cécile Brunschwig - he chose Leon Blum, head of the government on three occasions during the first half of the twentieth century , "for paid leave."

Bag "Pink PS" on the back, Robert, inserts for six years, came from Trappes, near Paris, even in the chic seventh arrondissement of the capital to participate in the simulation to vote. There are dragged his brother, newly militant socialist. "We have learned many things: how to vote and which polling station to report," said he. Robert is enthusiastic. On enthusiasm. A very good client for the marketing machine of the PS.It was found with an inscription to the "newsletter" of the party, two T-shirts, a mug with the colors of the PS … and a Facebook profile, he created at the suggestion of an Internet host. "Now I'm 'friends' with the Socialist Party," he enthuses.

The primary? "A dirty trick"

Sylviane keep the whole stage with a critical eye. "I consider the passage of the primary is a dirty trick. Pay a euro [to participate in the election of the Socialist candidate], the incentive to vote … It's all very American, so it is neither our function nor our culture. So, no, I will not vote in the primary, "said she, the verb open and look right."In addition, I consider that the PS has its share of responsibility in the case of DSK [Dominique Strauss-Kahn]. Everyone in the party, knew that he was a man focused on sex and PS the nevertheless supported and sustained. Do not participate in the primary way I mark my disagreement. " However, this energetic sexagenarian could vote Socialist in the presidential election. "But not in the first round," she says with a smile.

Inserts, and finally désencartés réencartés the PS approach the presidential election of 2012, Olivier and Alexandra have made their way rue de Solferino a militant act. "We wanted to show our support. We need to be mobilized en masse in May 2012," they say.The two young people emphasize the "undeniable interest to visit a center of French political life" - as other summarized in a "simple impulse of curiosity" - but pay little attention to the specificities of this historical and architectural mansion , became head of the Socialist Party in 1980 on the eve of the election of François Mitterrand. Fortunately, it is responsible Harlem Désir, evoking quickly, and without passion, the building's history, "a place full of history and emotion." Heritage Day forces.

DEBT CRISIS: Sarkozy and Merkel said they were "convinced" of the place in Athens in the euro area

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

France and Germany Wednesday urged Greece to implement remedial measures it has undertaken to make under the new European aid plan adopted in late July.

In a statement issued after a telephone conference with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said they were "convinced" that the country's future
was in the euro area.

But leaders of the two heavyweights of the euro area have also stressed that it was "more than ever essential to fully implement the decisions adopted on July 21" by Europeans to help Greece.

French and German leaders have expressed their particular partner "of the importance attached to the implementation of strict and effective recovery program of the Greek economy", which conditions the disbursement of aid.

According to the press, George Papandreou expressed "absolute determination of his government to take all necessary measures to implement all commitments."

These assurances were confirmed in Athens by the spokesman of the Greek government.

"Despite recent rumors, all parties have stressed that Greece continued to be part of the euro area," said Elias Mossialos at the end of this conference
call that lasted 25 minutes.

Earlier in the day, the spokesman for the French government, Valérie Pécresse, said that no other solution that the plan of 110 billion euros negotiated end
July was the order of the day, even if Athens struggling to meet the fiscal targets set as part of an initial plan in May 2010.

Credible plan

"Today we are in the implementation of the agreement," she said during the proceedings of the Council of Ministers.

"There is one hand the commitment of lenders to be expressed through the votes of parliament and then the commitment of the Greek government and parliament to implement a range of remedies," she said, adding:
"We want to guarantee the implementation of the recovery plan."

Some European countries like Finland Greece mobilizes require assets as collateral for the cost of their participation in the new plan.

Other voices, saying Greece unable to get out of business, call for a pooling of debt in the euro area, the only solution for them to save his weakest countries, while others speculate on output in Greece of the single currency.

Valérie Pécresse argued that the final plan of aid to Greece was approved by the International Monetary Fund and that it appeared "credible" to get the country straight.

It referred to a European aid to Ireland, which "was considered hard and difficult to implement" but when it was presented that allowed it believes to be in Dublin
"From business today."

Regarding the possible creation of Eurobonds, a project under consideration by the European Commission, the budget minister reiterated the position of France,
know that they could only be "the culmination of a process of consolidation in the euro area" and a convergence of fiscal policies.

"This fiscal convergence is obviously a prerequisite for any other matter, including the issue of debt pooling. It can be an end point, certainly not a starting point."

Yemen: Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Sanaa

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Events organized by the Yemeni opposition took place Sunday in Sana'a to accelerate the fall of President Ali Abdallah Saleh, out of the country for four months, despite a massive deployment of government forces, according to an AFP correspondent.

Security forces and the army have increased their presence in the capital, including all access have been closed to traffic since Saturday afternoon, while armed civilians have emerged among the regime's supporters in the streets of Sanaa.

But despite these measures, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in University Square, renamed Place of Change by the protesters, under the protection of the First Armored Division who defected.

The demonstrators marched through the streets near the place to stay in the area controlled by the First Armored Division and avoid friction with security forces loyal to President Saleh.

The capital is without electricity since Saturday afternoon and most of the stations were suddenly closed, causing a chaotic crowds in the few stations that continue to serve motorists.

"The people want to walk to the presidential palace," chanted the protesters, calling back to the departure of President Saleh's government, according to an AFP correspondent.

Demonstrations were also held in Taiz, the second largest city of Yemen and one of the active centers of the protest movement of Mr.Saleh, recovering in Saudi Arabia where he was hospitalized after being injured in an attack in Sanaa on June 3

The opposition called on Saturday to intensify protests against the regime, arguing that the political process was stalled due to the prolonged absence of M.Saleh.

"We called for an intensification of protest against what remains of the regime to move forward towards a peaceful settlement" of the crisis, said Machhour Houria, a spokesman for the National Council of forces of the revolution, established in August to coordinate the protest launched in January.

"The political process has stalled because of the refusal of President Saleh to sign the plan of the Gulf" on a crisis, providing for the resignation of the president, she added.

Popular protests will continue "until the regime," she assured, however, fearing clashes in Sanaa and other provinces.The spokesman warned that the military dissidents, who in March joined the protest movement led by General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, were "on alert to defend the demonstrators" in case of attack.

Apart from Sanaa, the tension was great in other provinces of Yemen, particularly in the South, and Taiz, where violent clashes Sunday at dawn the Republican Guard, elite corps of the army in men armed tribes, according to residents.

The ruling party, General People's Congress (GPC) on Sunday accused the Joint Forum, a coalition of the parliamentary opposition, the main component of the National Council, to prepare a "plot" by mobilizing the young protesters to "take power" by force.

In a statement, the GC makes the opposition "responsible for the consequences" of escalating violence, saying that resolving the crisis through "a serious and responsible dialogue."

SYRIA: The Attorney General of the province of Hama resigns

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The Attorney General of Hama, Syria, announced his resignation Wednesday in a video, citing the regime's repression against opponents of President Bashar al Assad.

But the Syrian official news agency said Monday that the judge, Mohammed Adnan al Bakkouri, was kidnapped by militants while traveling in his car at the courthouse of Hama.

If confirmed, the resignation of Bakkouri would be the first defection of a senior official of the plan after five months of uprising against Bashar al Assad.

Many demonstrations were organized in Hama, where repression was fierce as opponents."The assertions of the Syrian TV on my removal
by armed groups are totally false. I am under the protection of the rebels and healthy today, Wednesday, Aug. 31, "said Bakkouri in a video posted on the website YouTube by activists.Independent counsel has confirmed that it was the prosecutor of Hama.

"I resigned in protest against the savage practices of the regime against peaceful demonstrators," he adds.

It accuses the regime's secret police of forcing him to write a report stating that 420 missing people during the assault against Hama, July 31, were killed by armed groups.

Authorities say armed groups are responsible for most deaths in the conflict to Syria.

In his video, the judge also accused the Interior Minister Mohammed al-Chaar of being behind the assault against Hama and gives the names of 13 members of security forces in the province of Hama guilty "of massacres against peaceful civilians. "

"Here is the truth of what happened and what is happening in Hama. Do not think that God ignores the actions of the oppressors," said Bakkouri, concluding his statement with a verse from the Koran.