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Archive for March, 2012

Syria: Aleppo hit by a suicide car bomb

Monday, March 19th, 2012


AFP-A attack, the third in two days, Sunday was the victims in Aleppo, on the eve of the shipment to Syria of experts appointed by Kofi Annan to negotiate the establishment of an observer mission to end the violence that, according to an NGO, more than 9,000 deaths in one year.

The attack in Aleppo (north), the second of its kind in this city recently won by the anti-regime protest started a year ago in Syria, came a day after two bombings attributed s by the authorities to "terrorists" who have left dozens dead and wounded in Damascus. 

"The suicide car piégéea held in the district of Aleppo Souleimanyieh near the headquarters of the security policy" causing deaths and injuries, said ; Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH), while state television has evoked an explosion "terrorist" in this neighborhood.

In the capital, dozens of Syrians gathered in the neighborhood of Qassaa, in memory of the victims killed yesterday, accusing the leaders of Qatar and Saudi support for arming the rebels, ê ; be responsible for "blood flowing" in the country.

According to state television, funerals began early Sunday afternoon in a mosquéed Damascus. 

"We reject the liberty that we want to bring Hamad (Ben Jassem Al-Thani, Qatari Prime Minister), the Gulf and Saudi Arabia", told state television a inhabitant of Qassaa home to many Christians.

"They failed because Muslims and Christians are united," shouted another, who accused the Arab satellite channels of inciting violence in Syria.

"We tell Hamad our morale high, Hamad is shaped by the United States and Israel," added another resident.

The official Syrian press has started to turn an attack against these two countries. 

"Terrorism and Hamad (Saudi King Abdallah) al-Saud is not the first one, the crime of blood from their resentment, we already know (…) we heard their calls and their incentives, "the official newspaper did Saura.

"The Syrians, who died through the fault of the oil monarchies and emirs of betrayal, not forgive. Our blood flowing every day contains a message, that message must be sent in the right direction, "warned the newspaper.

Have Saoura then denounced "the dens, advice and thrones that bring death and destruction in our cities and our homes," referring particularly to the Syrian National Council (CNS, opposition) and the Gulf monarchies.

Saturday, an Arab diplomat had told AFP that Riyadh acheminait, via Jordan, military equipment to equip the Syrian army deserters free (ASL), an information " categorically denied "by Jordan. 

Moreover, the official SANA news agency, reported Saturday the death of two "terrorists" killed in the explosion of car bomb in the camp of Palestinian refugees Yarmouk, on the southern outskirts of Damascus.

In Geneva, the UN envoy and the Arab League, Kofi Annan, "decided to send a mission to Damascus to discuss the modalities of a mechanism observation and other practical steps to set up (…) some of his proposals, including an immediate end to violence and killings, "said Ahmed Fawzi, spokesman Mr. Annan.

These experts will start Monday in Geneva and New York to join Syria, he said.

The UN must also participate this weekend in a mission to assess humanitarian needs in Syria under the leadership of the government.

On the ground, abuses by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad against militants and civilians continued Sunday with an assault on a town in the Province of Idleb (northwest), where four soldiers were killed, according to OSDH.

In the capital, security officials and Chabbiha (militias loyal to the regime) were forcibly dispersed a demonstration organized by the Coordinating Committee for Democratic National Change (CCCND, Opposition). The opponent Mohammad Sayed Rassass "was beaten and arrested along with several young," said the OSDH.

In addition, one civilian was killed in Deraa, cradle of the protest in the South.

Moreover, cities and Atareb Aazaz were bombed since dawn, according to Mohammad al-Halabi, a spokesman for the local committees of militants in the region of Aleppo.

"The city of Atareb, on the border of the province of Idleb is subjected to bombardment for 33 days because the regime is trying to take control of the region 'Idleb, "he said, contacted by AFP via Skype. 

The city of Aazaz, also bombed, "represents a strategic challenge because, due to its proximity to the Turkish border, many injured civilians and deserters transiting, "he said.

Some 200 Syrians crossed the Turkish border on Saturday to flee the violence in their country, bringing to 15,900 the number of Syrian refugees in Turkey, reported Sunday the Turkish news agency Anatolia.

The violence has done since March 15, 2011, according to OSDH, more than 9,000 dead in Syria, shaken by an unprecedented revolt.

SYRIA: The private emails of Bashar al-Assad announced by The Guardian

Friday, March 16th, 2012


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad took advice from Iran to know what attitude to adopt vis-à-vis its opponents. He also asked to "tighten the noose security" around the city of Homs and also kept informed of the presence of foreign journalists in the district of Baba Amr, a time in the hands of insurgents. He downloaded pieces of British and American pop music while controlling a bulletproof vest, while his wife exchanged Louboutin shoes on the Internet with a friend and asked a Lebanese friend of bring him the DVD of the second part of the movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

These various information has filtered through some 3,000 emails, dating from June 2011 to February 2012, which would come from personal mailboxes of Bashar al-Assad and his wife, Asma al-Assad. They were intercepted by opponents of Syrian and forwarded to the Guardian. The British newspaper published excerpts in the evening of March 14.

The variety of information collected openly revealed the discrepancy between the couple's lavish lifestyle al-Assad in Damascus - the first lady has spent tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry, chandeliers and curtains on the websites of the chic boutiques of London's Chelsea - and the chaotic situation in the country. Restrictions of food and oil, imposed on Syrians seem far from the concerns of the presidential palace. This gap as it appears through the electronic trading has not prevented the media adviser to President Bashar al-Assad to recommend to insist, in his speech of de ; last December, the fact that "the president lives the same life as the people and sympathized with his sufferings."

This reveals that the same mail communications adviser urged the President to deliver a speech "powerful and violent," to disclose details of military capabilities the country to impress the people, and build on the Islamic fervor of the Syrians.

The information contained in this correspondence does reveal, however, no state secret. They suggest, however, read some funny exchanges between the president and his wife. Asma al-Assad would have written, for example, in December 2011 as observers of the Arab League were in Homs to see the extent of repression: "If we are stronger together we will overcome all … I love you … ".

For his part, Bashar al-Assad had sent his wife a Blake Shelton song which begins: "My heart is broken, I messed up everything, the person I've been lately is not one I would like to be. " Maneuver or self-deprecating charm to his wife, whom he met while studying in London? The irony is however indisputable when sending to one of his closest advisers a humorous video depicting, by means of a small car and cookie, how the Syrian regime has hidden his tanks to observers of the Arab League (see below).

To prove the authenticity of this series of emails, the newspaper The Guardian reports have come into contact with ten foreign interlocutors have exchanged messages with the Syrian leader and his wife via these mailboxes ( for President and for his wife).

Read the entire record in the Guardian here: / world / assad-mails

LITERATURE: The latest adventure of "Bourbon Kid" will appear in preview in France

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Good news for "Bourbon fans": the last adventure of Bourbon Kid, "The Book of Death" (Sonatine), thriller cult became an anonymous author, whose first three volumes were sold 330,000 copies, released in a world premiere in France on April 26.

Pulled 25,000 copies, this crazy thriller released in France even before Britain where lives his mysterious author, who intends to "thank his readers for their French loyalty, "said Livres Hebdo.

"The book of death" closes the saga of hallucinatory adventures of serial killer Bourbon Kid, which operates in the imaginary South American city of Santa Mondega, mark thugs, formidable villains, vampires and werewolves. 

The three previous volumes totaled 330,000 sales in France, including 90,000 in large format and 160,000 in the pocket first, "the unnamed book," the magazine.

Bourbon Kid, whose saga began on the internet in 2007, has a Facebook page, Twitter account, a fan club, blogs devoted to it, derivatives bearing his image started by a small company, Soybean Films, who prepares a clip on the 4th Volume.

After "The book unnamed" in 2010, Mr. Anonymous - who writes in English - released "The Eye of the Moon" and "The Devil's graveyard", published in France in 2011 Sonatine Editions, who swear not know the identity of the novelist. 

Who is behind this enigmatic author? A stranger, a famous artist, a famous writer?

Right out of the "Book unnamed", Internet users have made Paris more or less crazy about the identity of this Machiavellian novelist: Quentin Tarantino, David Bowie, Tony Blair, Prince Charles …

Hollywood did not wait. Producer Don Murphy has acquired the film rights of the "Book without a name".

"All publishers that I had contacted had refused my first manuscript," Mr. Anonymous explained in an interview in writing to The Express in 2011. "It took me a few chapters on the internet and the proposed purchase online. It sold 34 copies in the first month, then word-of-mouth has bled away sales. "

("The Book of Death" - Anonymous - translated from English by Diniz Galhos - Sonatine Editions - 400 p. - 21 euros - Released April 26)