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Archive for May, 2012

INTERNET: Brussels could close its investigation for abuse of dominant position against Google

Monday, May 21st, 2012


AFP - The European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquin Almunia, said Monday it had written to Google boss Eric Schmidt to take steps "in the coming weeks" to e eliminate any risk of dominance of Google in many areas.

The Commission in this case could conclude its investigation opened against Google in November 2010. This investigation was initiated following several complaints against the search engine. Rival Microsoft had in turn filed a complaint in March 2011.

Otherwise, the investigation was thorough, paving the way for a possible financial penalty, explained Mr. Almunia during a press conference.

"Our investigation led us to identify four areas where the practices of Google can be considered as abuse of dominant position," said Almunia.

"We have just begun to study the Commission's arguments. We do not agree with his conclusions but we will be happy to discuss any concerns they may have "on this case, reacted a Google spokesman in Brussels, Al Verney.

"Competition on the Internet has increased dramatically since the Commission began its investigation two years ago and the competitive pressure that Google faces is enormous. Innovation Online has never been greater, "he stressed.

Google puts forward in its relationship to its own vertical search services, that is to say, specialized search engines in one area, such as travel or restaurants, in a way that could ensure their "preferential treatment" compared to other specialized search engines, the Commission is concerned.

"Our second concern relates to how Google dump of vertical search engines and competing uses in its own offerings," said Mr. Almunia.

The other two areas of concern of the Commission relate to advertising: Google in particular is believed to impose exclusivity clauses in its advertising.

"If Google proposes remedies able to address our concerns, I will ask my team to begin discussions" to close the case, said Mr Almunia.

This will prevent "further formal proceedings by a statement of objections and adopt a decision imposing a financial penalty," he said.

"I hope that Google will take this opportunity to respond quickly to our requests, for the sake of competition and innovation in this sector," he concluded. Asked about the time given to Google, he repeated that it was "a matter of weeks".

FRANCE: Christiane Taubira, the Minister of Justice "independent"

Friday, May 18th, 2012


The appointment of Christiane Taubira the Chancery is one of the surprises of the first five-year government of Francois Hollande. A political choice triply advantageous for the president: it's a woman - essential to achieve parity - a symbol of diversity - it is Guyanese - and openness - it is derived family of left-wing radicals. An economist by profession, who turned 60 last November, is considered a free electron in politics. She began her career as a militant separatist, before founding the party in 1993 Walwari ("range", in Native American), she has chaired since.

Cayenne in the Place Vendome

Guyanese MP since 1993 and Regional Councillor since 2010, she was also a member of Parliament from 1994 to 1999. It boasts numerous feats in politics, the most eloquent is the law of 10 May 2001, she has written on the recognition of the slave trade and the & rsquo ; slavery as crimes against humanity.

In 2002, presidential candidate for the Radical Left Party (PRG), it collects 2.32% of votes in the first round. This score earned him the bitter comments, some will make it responsible for the surprise defeat of Socialist candidate, Lionel Jospin, a victim of the dispersion of votes left.

In 2005, with Arnaud Montebourg and Laurent Fabius, it defends the "no" to the European Constitution. Two years later, she fails to collect the sufficient number of sponsorships for the presidential and endorses the candidacy of Ségolène Royal, where she became adviser "delegate e to the term Republican. " Following the election, won by Nicolas Sarkozy, she was approached by the new president's entourage to join the inclusive government.

When the Socialist primary in 2011, it ranks alongside Arnaud Montebourg, representing the left wing of the Socialist Party before its support to Francis Holland during his campaign to president. The latter, on May 17, will assign the Department of Justice, some saw destined for Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe. Christiane Taubira said during the handover on Thursday 18 May, "the president has expressed on three principles of justice: he is committed to making it accessible to all citizens (…), more efficient and independent. "

Many files on the fire

The new minister of justice should weigh at Bercy in budget decisions to defend a ministry financially harmed under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy. But it will, initially, regain the confidence of judges and lawyers, seriously shaken by the reform of the judicial system, to significantly reduce the number of jurisdictions.

Two reforms the last five years could be rendered obsolete: the creation of criminal courts for minors 16 to 18 years and the introduction of a jury, always in correctional operation deemed expensive and time consuming for judges.

Overcrowding is another hobbyhorse: in April, French prisons had 67,161 inmates about 57 to 000 seats. Involved: the minimum sentences that would help fill the cells of petty criminals, and the lack of closed educational centers for juvenile offenders.

Planned, also, the reform of the Higher Council of Magistracy (CSM) so that new members are now appointed by the Parliament. Francois Hollande also pledged that prosecutors can no longer be chosen against the advice of the CSM, as was the case with Philippe Courroye in Nanterre.

Dosssier other delicate constitutional reform had unleashed passions during the presidential campaign: the right of foreigners to vote in local elections. An issue that divides the French.