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Archive for June, 2012

FRENCH LEGISLATION: The Left in good position after the first round of legislative

Monday, June 11th, 2012


Turnout, early trends, reactions, analyzes … Follow live the first round of French legislative our liveblogging France24/RFI.

This is not the pink wave announced by some, but still ahead of the parliamentary left largely to the right (47.1% against 35.4%) after the first round of elections on lative French, according to Ipsos estimates FRANCE 24. A score obtained by combining the votes of the Socialist Party (34.9%), ecologists in Europe Ecology-The Greens (5.3%) and the Left Front (6.9%), against 35 , 4% collected by the UMP and its allies.

The National Front it collects 13.4% of the vote, while the modem to settle for 1.5% of the vote.

All these results can not determine whether the PS and its allies may have the absolute majority in the second round. Socialists should indeed get 289 or more seats to govern without coercion, when Ipsos projections attach to it, this Sunday, between 270 and 300 seats.

If the SP fails to cross this threshold in the second round, the party will have to form a coalition with environmentalists, even with the Left Front and the extreme left, to have the majority in ; the National Assembly.

Moribund given the right manages to limit the damage. Destabilized since the defeat of its presidential candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, the UMP could grab between 227 and 266 seats in the Chamber.

The right, which also held the majority, however, sees away his hopes of cohabitation.

Another significant figure in the first round, forbearance, near a record 42.9%.

These figures, taken at the national level, do not indicate the composition of the future Assembly, they simply sketch trends before the second round.

It must indeed expect on June 17 for the names of all members of the new Parliament


Turnout, early trends, reactions, analyzes … Follow live the first round of French legislative our liveblogging France24/RFI.

VIDEO GAMES: "E3 is the foremost video game Cannes"

Thursday, June 7th, 2012


For some, the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), it was better before. Lack of innovation, inability to open up to new trends like mobile gaming or online gaming: the criticism against the show are many. Yet in 2012, they have been over 40,000 to get there.

Why did they move? What is the "magic touch" that attracts so many people when it comes to one of the few salons in the video game exclusively for professionals? FRANCE 24 went to the meeting of three video game enthusiasts who explain the attraction of the big show at E3.

Michael Morcos, 29, head of blog

Michel Morcos went to E3 last four years. This Parisien found that, in recent times, the Game Show in Los Angeles has "been able to reconnect with his roots". After a slump in 2007 and 2008, when he dramatically reduced his wing, for budgetary reasons, the E3 is back, since 2009, the "Cannes of the video game" ;.

However, he regretted that with the Internet anywhere, any time, most of the highlights are "broadcast live on the Web, so that to know what is happening in the industry, it is not born necessary to make the trip to Los Angeles. "

Remains the pleasure to try games before the first. This year, he was very impressed with Watchdog, the latest achievement of the French publisher Ubisoft. For him, this action game is the revelation of the show, although he recognizes that "the U Wii [Nintendo's new console, Ed] is the focus of discussion."

Reggie Griffin, 34, founder of the company sales of video game accessories Power Anime

The American knows the Los Angeles E3 on the fingertips. He has not missed an edition of this Mecca of gaming for 10 years. "I'm not as excited as I started," he laments, however. Reggie Griffin puts this disenchantment on account of lack of innovation shown at E3. The arrival of the Wii U seemed promising, but "that Nintendo has introduced this year is far from convincing me," he says.

Above all, he believes that E3 should give more room "to new industry trends, such as mobile gaming." He hopes that the 2012 edition of the show will make it more justice to this "niche particularly dynamic" of the games industry. Reggie Griffin fears, however, that all publishers, Ubisoft, Activision and others, "so too trust the big manufacturers to show them the way forward". He considers that so far, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have not been very good feel for which way the wind was turning gaming.

Edward Lehecka, 28, creator of music video games for the studio Pentavision

For a fan of Nintendo, E3 2012 was not to be missed edition. "It's the perfect time to realize the potential of the U Wii [The Japanese manufacturer's new console, Ed], says Edward Lehecka.

But even without this new console, it would come because "this is the place where you can often try a preview every game we hear about on the Net." And also out of habit … "For eight years I'm moving," he says.

He found that the E3 has always been and remains the show of the big announcements and media taken over games. However, like many others, he believes that this appointment does not have its role of old compass sector. "Many publishers now communicate upstream of E3 to dictate their own agenda and does not depend on a single room where they may be inaudible, "he says.