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FRANCE - SOCIAL: A new plan for departures scheduled at Air France

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013


Air France-KLM, engaged in a major restructuring since 2012, Wednesday to inform the representatives of a new voluntary redundancy plan, Phase 2 Transform 2015 which has already led removing 5,600 positions within the airline.

The CEO of the Franco-Dutch group, Alexander Juniac, warned Friday that further staff reductions would be announced to unions on Wednesday during a central works council ( CEC).

"We have an order of magnitude of the potential redundancy at Air France," he said, stating that "these measures are difficult." But, he said, none will be "forced". They take the form of voluntary redundancy plans, part-time and unpaid leave.

Trade unions have welcomed the announcement of no surprise that further restructuring was expected in September. For Beatrice Lestic, secretary general of the CFDT, "there is no real surprise on this announcement here." "We expect to have the encryption overstaffed," she told AFP. "Most of the measures will be detailed more in September at the CEC on 4 October," she said. However, she noted that, under Transform 2015, an agreement was signed with the direction "with a commitment to the company not to use forced departures."

"I think we'll be on relatively high levels as management expects numerical departures from 2,500 to 3,000 people," said for his part Didier Fauverte, secretary general of the CGT Air France. He recalled that a voluntary departure plan had been implemented two years before the agreement on Transform 2015. "In the space of four years, we will have lost between 12 and 15,000 people. It's getting a lot, "he judged.

Weakness of short and medium haul

"From an operational point of view, particularly in the ports, as it becomes more tense. There are fewer people in contact with the passengers, "he said, adding not be" convinced that the savings are in the right place. "

The first phase of Transform 2015 has already resulted between June 2011 and June 2013 a decline in enrollment of 5.3%, or 5,600 people. The numbers have increased from 106,300 to 100,700 employees, including temporary workers.

Transform 2015 is intended to achieve in three years two billion euros in savings, in part due to additional economic efficiency by 20% and reduce debt to 4 , 5 billion at end 2014 against 6.5 billion in January 2012.

In spring, however, the management had warned that the plan would be amplified, the group still suffering from the weakness of short and medium-haul network at Air France and cargo for the whole group . Network short and medium-haul KLM will, he spared by the new measures.

The short and medium-haul Air France, affected by competition from low-cost airlines, recorded last year 800 million against 700 million loss in 2011.

In the cargo business, the Group will further reduce its capacity, leaving more and more cargo aircraft in favor of cargo hold.

Restructuring implementation for a year and a half at Air France has yet resulted in significant improvement in earnings in the second quarter of 2013. From April to June, the group divided by five net loss, less than 163 million euros.

At the same time, it has generated an operating profit of 79 million euros against a loss of 79 million a year earlier, which "for a second quarter, is the first five years, "said the CEO.

LIBYA: In Libya, anger is brewing against political parties after a series of murders

Saturday, July 27th, 2013


There is anger in Libya where thousands of people marched Saturday, July 27 against the political parties and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, accused of being responsible for the instability in the country. These events, which came a day after a series of assassinations that targeted including anti-Islamist militant, was marred by acts of vandalism against the premises of two main parties, the ruling Justice and construction (PJC), the political arm of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, and its rival the Alliance of National Forces (AFN, liberal).

In Benghazi (east), birthplace of the revolt that toppled the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, young protesters stormed and ransacked the premises of the PJC. During the night, several hundred people were protesting against the killing shot Friday lawyer and anti-Islamist political activist Abdessalem al-Mesmari and two army officers. The protesters accuse the Islamists of being behind the assassination of al-Mesmari Abdessalem, who regularly intervened on television to denounce armed militias and to flaunt its hostility to the Muslim Brotherhood, such as those described for the revolt dozens of officers, particularly in Benghazi. "Solidarity with Benghazi" in the capital Tripoli, hundreds of people gathered tô , t Saturday in the heart of the capital in "solidarity with Benghazi" and against the Muslim Brotherhood. Slogans were also chanted against the AFN, winner of the elections of July 2012. Chanting "the blood of martyrs was not shed in vain," the protesters converged on Martyrs' Square as they left mosques after prayers of dawn. A little later, a hundred young people went to the local PJC, in the neighborhood of Ben Achour, where they ransacked offices and smashed the windows of the building. The headquarters of the AFN in Hay al-Andalus was also ransacked . "We want the dissolution of all parties. They are the cause of all our problems. We must adopt a Constitution and a law organizing political life before allowing parties to exercise, "he told Ahmed Trabelsi, a protester told AFP. The protesters believe that political rivalries prevent the stabilization of the country, where weapons abound and where and the PJC and the AFN are also accused of manipulating the armed militias that serve their interests and prevent the formation of a professional army and police. With despatches

UNITED STATES: New York City: Anthony Weiner again embroiled in a sex scandal

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013


Anthony Weiner was caught in compromising revelations again. Two years after a previous sex scandal that forced him to resign from Congress, the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York had to explain Tuesday after publication message and pornographic photos he sent to a young woman of 22 years.

The politician, aged 48, admitted in a press conference that he has maintained the correspondence on the Internet under the pseudonym "Carlos Danger". According to him, these developments are covered by the confessions of two years ago: "I said that new posts and new photos would surface and that is what happened today."

In 2011, Anthony Weiner was forced to abandon the policy following the release of a photo on Twitter by mistake he had admitted, a student, and showing close-in slip. A few months later, he would have started a new virtual relationship with a young woman whose identity has not been revealed.

"As I said before, the things I did were wrong and they hurt my wife. Our marriage has faced challenges that went well beyond my resignation from Congress, "apologized the Democratic candidate.

At his side, his wife Huma, a former associate of Hillary Clinton, once again brought him his support: "Anthony has made terrible mistakes before his resignation Congress, but also after. I love him, I forgave him. I believe in him and as we have always said, we move on. "

Following this new scandal, the newspaper "New York Times" and three of his opponents in the election, November 5, at the head of the mayor of New York asked him to withdraw his candidature. In response, Anthony Weiner said he intends to continue his campaign. "All this is behind me," is it justified.

According to a survey released last week, is currently in the best position for the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York, the primary of which is scheduled for 10 September, but the case could make him losing the confidence of voters.

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THE FRANCE 24 INTERVIEW: Thein Sein: "There is no ethnic cleansing in Burma"

Saturday, July 20th, 2013


In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Burmese President Thein Sein has denied reports that communal violence between Buddhists and Muslims in Burma had soured in recent months to the point of represent an "ethnic cleansing".

"This is information made from scratch, it is a smear operation conducted against the government," insisted the head of state, the first Burmese president to visit France. "Contrary to what is said, the government was able to contain the violence and the situation is back to normal in the country."

Organizations defending human rights strongly denounce the repression exercised against Muslims in Burma, in particular against the stateless Rohingya minority, a community considered the most persecuted in the world. The European Parliament has called on June 13 to the end of "persecution" against the Muslims, citing arrests, arbitrary detention, torture, rape, destruction of property or places worship.

"Less than 100 political prisoners in Burma"

Asked about the release of political prisoners, announced Monday, July 15 during a visit to London, Thein Sein said that since his election in 2011, thousands of prisoners were recovered freedom. "I think now there are less than 100 political prisoners in the country. If they are because of their belief or political position, then they will be released, "he promised.

A position which illustrates the transition to democracy that Thein Sein meant to embody. The President has also initiated reforms since coming to power. But the international community, these reforms could be hampered by the military, present in the Burmese Parliament. A fear that Thein Sein responded by ensuring that the military posed no threat. "The soldiers obey orders. They resist any change due to the democratic process, "said one who has himself been a senior member of the military in the past. The military junta in power in Burma for more than 20 years, has officially left the place in 2011 to civilian rule, after a rigged election by the international community.

As for the future presidential election to be held in 2015, the president finally said he had nothing to say on the potential application of the Nobel Peace Aung San Suu Kyi , released in 2010 Burmese jails. Thein Sein also ensures failing personally prepared for this election.

The Maintenance of France 24 FRANCE 24 Asia Aung San Suu Kyi Burma Thein Sein

FRANCE: The French Alliance celebrates its 130th anniversary at the Elysee

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013


The French Alliance party this Tuesday, July 16 its 130 candles. Located on the five continents, the French Alliance is 130 years live Francophonie and French culture throughout the world. Today, there are around 500,000 students through more than 800 alliances, distributed in 136 countries spend the doorstep of one of these signs to learn the language of Molière .

On this occasion, Hollande received Tuesday President and Directors of the prestigious institution as president.

"He taught me the dictionary"

In his speech, the Head of State in particular praised the French language, praising in particular the method of learning his grandfather teacher who, to teach him , "taught him the dictionary."

The French, "is a language full of discovery, there are words that we learn to know the same evening of life. My grandfather, who was a teacher, was a method: to teach me French, he taught me the dictionary every day I spent with him, one page, then another. I stopped on the way, "he told the head of state, ministers alongside Yamina Benguigui (Francophonie) and Helene Conway-Mouret (French for abroad).

"He had this quality about the words that nobody used" remembered Francois Hollande, touting the language "which has the virtue of giving, despite its pitfalls and difficulties, more beauty to everything it means. "

"A language of emancipation"

"The French language is a language of emancipation. Learning French is able to read the text of the Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789, the 1948 "," learn French is to decipher the language of freedom, "also said the president of the Republic.

Promoting the Francophonie, however, he believed that if "we are fighting for a language, you do not fight in defense, we do not fight against it is still struggling to share."

Francois Hollande has approved the extension courses in English at the university, which had caused controversy. "It is a question to learn, including here in France, a foreign language or to exercise some courses in English for students who do not yet speak French. I have considered that it was a good method. We bring with courses professed in their language that they are better then learn French, "he pleaded.

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JUSTICE: George Zimmerman found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida

Sunday, July 14th, 2013


It is a verdict that could raise tensions. George Zimmerman was tried, Saturday, July 13, not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin, a black 17 year old shot and killed last year in Florida, whose death has revived the debate on racism and gun control. The jury of six women deliberated more than 16 hours before deciding to 22h (2h GMT Sunday).

George Zimmerman, which was punishable by life imprisonment, remained marble to the verdict before a smile of relief, while his parents hugged and his wife founded into tears. "I think the trial of George Zimmerman was outrageous," said his lawyer Don West. "I'm happy for George Zimmerman, but I'm also excited that the jury made sure that this tragedy does not turn to parody," he added.


The verdict, however, sparked outrage among the dozens of people came to express their support for the victim's parents in court Sanford. However, they did not attend the hearing. "Although my heart is broken, my faith is intact. Together, we can ensure that this does not happen again, "he wrote his father by Tracy Martin on Twitter now.

The Hispanic and 29 years old original defendant said he was attacked by Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed at the time. For the floor, George Zimmerman, volunteer vigil in his neighborhood who believed himself invested with an official mission, was chased and shot without justification.

He could be convicted of murder without premeditation, but the jury has therefore retained no charges. "Today, justice has betrayed Trayvon Martin and his family," indignant Roslyn Brock, president of the National Association of Colored People, said in a statement.


"We immediately invited the Justice Department to conduct an investigation into civil rights violations committed against Trayvon Martin. This case has given new impetus to the movement to end racial profiling in the United States, "she adds.

"Avoid violence, it would lead to further tragedies. Find a way to build, not destroy you in this time of despair, "he wrote on his Pastor Jesse Jackson, civil rights activist, on Twitter.

It happened February 26, 2012 in Sanford has not been the subject of a brief in the local newspaper if the police had immediately proceeded to arrest George Zimmerman.

Believing that he had acted in self-defense, the police have arrested a month and a half after the death of Trayvon Martin, which gave place in large demonstrations across the country. 

No trouble reported at this time Barack Obama has even commented on the case, which led to the resignation of the police chief of Sanford and attracted the attention of the Department of justice in this town of 54,000 souls neighboring Disney World in Orlando.

Bernie the Rionda, the prosecutor handling the case, and his two deputies have expressed "disappointment" with the outcome of the trial. "But we accept it. We live in a great country with a great judicial system. It is not perfect, but it is the best in the world and we respect the jury's verdict, "he said.

According to the Seminole County Sheriff, no trouble was reported in Sanford, whose population is 30% black.

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FOOTBALL: Blueberries in the final of World Cup Under 20 years

Thursday, July 11th, 2013


The France team under 20 years accessed for the first time in the World Cup final in his age category, beating Ghana 2-1 with and a doubling of Florian Thauvin Wednesday in Bursa, and is just one step of a historic success for the tricolor football.

"Generation 93" has succeeded where all its glorious predecessors had failed and have been faithful to the rendezvous before his arrival e in Turkey. It now remains for him to get rid Saturday in Istanbul, the winner of the other semifinal between Uruguay and Iraq to enter his name in the history and add to the showcase the French Football Federation the only trophy still missing men.

Blueberries, jostled by a Ghanaian training they dominated the first round (3-1) were able to make a difference on two personal exploits Thauvin (43rd, 74th, 2nd and third goals of the tournament), canceling the Assifuah equalization (47th). But big blow: they will happen in the final defender Samuel Umtiti, warned twice and expelled late in the game (80th).

Criticized after the first phase more than sluggish, even disturbing (1 win, 1 draw, 1 defeat), France and brilliant individuals have suddenly awakened es to show up to their rank, with a nice breath of fresh air to a French football in the trough of the wave from the misadventures of A in the qualifications of the World-2014 and during the recent tour of South America, signed by two stinging defeats against Uruguay (1-0) and Brazil (3-0). 

After Turkey (4-1) and Uzbekistan (4-0), Ghanaians, deprived of their central hinge Attamah-Lartey and attacking midfielder Odjer, could do nothing against , the French machine that not much seems to deviate from its goal to leave Turkey with the supreme title.

A coronation would have the appearance of a bright contrast to Pierre Mankowski, who FFF refused to continue the adventure with "Generation 93", entrusting the fate of Willy Hopes sagnol.  The hero Thauvin

From the beginning of the match, the difference of class and talent was clearly visible between the two teams, France is providing several opportunities including a shot against the post Bahebeck ( 6) while the defense, especially the solid hinge Zouma-Umtiti, did not leave the poor Ghanaian attackers breathe.

But the African team proved in the eighth and quarter-final unsuspected mental resources that blueberries may have a bit undervalued, making himself surprise after the break with a shot beautiful Assifuah (47), author of the fifth embodiment in this World Cup. 

The provision of any captain Paul Pogba has not helped Blueberries, which could drink the cup without two decisive Alphonse Areola parades on a free kick Acheampong (49th) and a head 'Anaba (51).

As for the other leader-between game, Geoffrey Kondogbia, he quickly seemed dull and physically did not have his usual influence.

It did not count on Florian Thauvin, the hero of the semi-final. Lethargic in the first match, the French striker has proved by his double and acceleration he had regained all his senses at the right time. Saturday, Blueberries have great need of his services to definitely go down in history.


EGYPT: Thirty pro-Morsi killed by fire from the Egyptian army

Monday, July 8th, 2013


At least 34 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi were killed by the Egyptian army at the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Cairo, Monday, July 8 , according to an official of the Ministry of Health was quoted by the AP agency. The Egyptian official, Khaled el-Kathib, also reported nearly 300 injured.

The Egyptian army confirmed it had fired, denouncing the attack on a "terrorist group" who allegedly tried to enter at dawn in the ba , BUILDING Republican Guard. The soldiers say their side an officer was killed and 40 others wounded in the attack.

The Salafist Al Nour Party, which had supported the military coup of July 3, immediately announced his retirement from political wrangling over the composition of a transitional government, denouncing a "massacre" committed by the army.


Pro-Morsi protesters, joined by AFP confirmed that the Egyptian army had attacked their gathering with live ammunition and tear gas. "J 'I saw with my own eyes people over whom they shot, "said one of them. He added that the police had then continued many protesters.

"There are many casualties but we do not have the exact number," confirmed another protester. "They want to leave the protesters" who said Sunday that they would continue their sit-in "for an indefinite period," he said. Last Friday, the same place four Islamists were killed in firefights with the army.

The Muslim Brotherhood supporters mobilized en masse for more than 10 days in different parts of Cairo to defend the "legitimacy" of the former Head of State, first democratically elected president in the history of the country in May 2012.

Wednesday night, the arméea filed Mohamed Morsi after demonstrations on an unprecedented scale in Egypt. The security forces then launched a campaign of arrests against the powerful Brotherhood, imprisoning several of its executives.

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EGYPT: Egypt 'State Coup "Islamists in the streets, the army calls for unity

Friday, July 5th, 2013


Groggy after the ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi by the army, the Islamist camp rallies Friday under calls for mass protest launched throughout the countries. This day will be a test, because the call to a "Friday of rejection" by the National Coalition to support the legitimacy, which includes several Islamist parties and movements including the Muslim Brotherhood, occurs when a cracked down on Islamist camp in the hours that followed the dismissal of the head of state from the brotherhood.

Wide crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood But the latter, first democratically elected president of the country, and his bodyguards were detained by the military. As the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, was arrested Thursday for "inciting the killing of protesters," while his number two Khairat al-Chater is under a warrant of arrest. The head of the Party for Freedom and Justice (PLJ), political wing of the Islamist movement, Saad el-Katatni was also arrested. In addition, security sources told AFP that the deputy Supreme Guide, Rashid Bayoumi, had been arrested, while the government newspaper Al- Ahram reported 300 arrest warrants against members of the Islamic movement. A senior arméea confirmed the detention "preventively" Mr. Morsi, suggesting he could be prosecuted, while the justice shall, with other officers of the Brotherhood Monday in an interview for "insulting the judiciary". This broad crackdown prompted the United States to specifically ask the Egyptian authorities not to carry out "arbitrary arrests" against Mohamed Morsi and supporters of Islamist deposed president, according to a U.S. government official. Clashes between pro and anti-Morsi , The Muslim Brotherhood responded by denouncing a "police state", while clashes between pro and anti-Morsi did Thursday dozens wounded in the Nile Delta, after more than a week of action punctuated by violence that is fifty dead. In addition, the Sinai, an Egyptian soldier was killed and two others were , wounded in coordinated attacks by Islamist militants with rockets and machine guns at police stations and military, AFP reported. The Interior Ministry warned it would respond "strongly" to disorders and armored vehicles were deployed in Cairo, particularly around pro-Morsi rallies . The army calls for "national reconciliation" For its part, the 'arméea called late Thursday night to reject the "revenge" and work for "national reconciliation". The military provided they take of "arbitrary or exceptional measure" against any political group and that they respect the freedom of expression and manifestation as gatherings will not threaten national security. However, the army warned that "excessive use of these rights without reason could have negative implications, including blocking roads, delayed payment of wages and the destruction of institutions, threatening the social peace, national interest and affect the security and the economy "in the country. With dispatches.

EGYPT: Egypt: President Morsi rejects ultimatum army

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013


Mohamed Morsi did not flinch. Egyptian President rejected Tuesday, July 2 in the morning the ultimatum by the army, which gave him 48 hours to find a solution to the political crisis, otherwise it would take the reins the country. Sure it had not been consulted, the head of state was also felt that the military statement contained statements that "the increased e could lead to confusion. "

The President is also found in difficulty on the political level. No less than six

Government ministers have announced their resignation from Monday and Tuesday, reinforcing the impression of disintegration of the executive. But none of these ministers belong to the Islamic brotherhood.

The army gets involved

Declaring the nation in danger, the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, appointed to his post by Mohamed Morsi, had said Monday in a solemn speech that left the armed forces 48 hours to political leaders to "meet the demands of the people." "If the people's demands are not met during this period (forty-eight hours), they will be forced, because of their historical and national duties, respect for the demands of the great Egyptian people, of announce a roadmap and future actions (…) ", he added.

The army, which has led the transition for seventeen months between the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 and the election of Mr. Morsi in June 2012, does not directly involve this time in politics or government, said the general. But she would oversee the implementation of the roadmap "in collaboration with all groups and movements loyal nation, including young people who have been and remain behind the glorious revolution ".

The initiative of the army reflects the escalating political crisis facing Egypt faces several days of protest. Sunday, millions of people took to the streets of the country to demand the resignation of President Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood and now accused of authoritarian drift by liberal opposition eral.

But Egyptian President does not hear well. Saying that "Egypt will not allow absolutely no turning back whatever the circumstances," Mohamed Morsi landed himself a guarantor of "national reconciliation" and " , social peace, "while the army said last week it would not leave the country," plunge into a dark tunnel of conflict and turmoil. " But the main opposition bloc, the National Front for salvation (NSF), said Monday night that he no longer wanted to discuss with Morsi, it finds more legitimate, and appointed Mohamed ElBaradei as its representative in any discussions with the army.

"The army is stored in the side of the people"

The opposition effect did not hide his satisfaction. A roar rose from the crowd in Tahrir Square emblem of the revolution when army helicopters flew instead deploying flags Egyptians. "The army is stored in the side of the people," said the movement Tamarrod (rebellion in Arabic), the origin of mass demonstrations Sunday.

The military statement was also greeted by cheers from the anti-Morsi protesters gathered outside the presidential palace and praised by the Front national salvation (NTF), which calls for months the formation of a national unity government.

For the former Foreign Minister and former Liberal candidate in the presidential election Amr Moussa, the announcement of the army responds to the wishes of the population. "This is a historic opportunity that should not be missed," he said.

Brothers close ranks around Morsi

Their sides are the Muslim Brotherhood bloc around the president challenged. "The era of military coups is over," and said Yasser Hamza, a leader of the Party for Freedom and Justice (PLJ), an offshoot the Muslim Brotherhood, while an alliance of Islamist parties called in the night of demonstrations in support of Morsi "to defend the legitimacy and express rejection of the coup."

The National Alliance to support the legitimacy added that "formally and categorically rejects led some to use our great army to attack the legitimacy" a way that, she says, would lead to "a coup against the legitimate institutions and the will of the people." 

Moreover, given the increasing number of attacks against the headquarters of the Brotherhood, including the Cairo where deadly clashes took place on Sunday, spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood Gehad El Haddad, n ' not exclude the recovery of "self-defense committees" created during the 2011 revolution.

At least 16 people were killed and 800 wounded since Sunday in clashes on the sidelines of events. The great Islamic institution Al-Azhar, based in Cairo, said fear "a bloodbath." After collecting 22 million signatures for a petition demanding the departure of President accused of authoritarian drift and let the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the country, gave Mr. Tamarrod Morsi until Tuesday 5:00 p.m. (1500 GMT) to leave power. In case of refusal, the movement announced "a full-scale civil disobedience campaign."

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