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Honduras: the victory of the presidential right is "final"

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


"Irreversible". The electoral court ruled: the victory of Juan Orlando Hernandez, the right candidate for the presidency of Honduras, is "irreversible" and the result "no call" . "The result is final. The figures we have given reflect a trend that is irreversible. The results will not vary, "thus affirmed Monday, November 25 the presiding judge, David Matmoros, which however did not want to officially declare a winner. This statement came after counting 67% of ballots, giving the candidate to lead with 34.08% of the vote against 28.92% for his rival left, Xiomara Castro.

A verdict expected to cut short the post-election debates. Sunday, the candidate of the National Party (right) and his main opponent have plunged the country into uncertainty proclaim their respective victory. Monday, trends continued to be published in the dropper by the electoral authorities. Face to official figures, the opposing sides are sticking to their guns, refusing in advance to deal with the opposite camp. If the Left Party continues to denounce fraud, the candidate of the right claimed victory. "This victory is the result decided by the Honduran people at the polls, it is negotiating with anyone," said Monday Juan Orlando Hernandez told reporters. The left denounces fraud Xiomara Castro, 54, who did not hesitate to declare Sunday evening "President of Honduras" denounces fraud. , Monday, she left her husband speak, fallen former President Manuel Zelaya. "The polls have spoken to a profound change in our country (…) We do not want any negotiation," said Manuel Zelaya, echoing statements by Juan Orlando Hernandez. Manuel Zelaya provides "does not recognize" the results of the TSE. Xiomara Castro's party, Freedom and overhaul (Free) said, without providing details about a fifth of votes is concerned with "a series of irregularities" , including the transmission of information to the TSE. For their part, representatives of some 800 foreign observers deployed Sunday to ensure transparency in the election have so far not reported fraud. A country with weak institutions The post-election situation raised fears of renewed tensions in this small, poor countries with fragile institutions, four years after the military coup that overthrew Zelaya. Elected in 2005 on behalf of the Liberal Party (center-right), the latter was ousted in 2009 when the right, the business community and the army had wanted to end the left turn policy. Manuel Zelaya today hope the same mass mobilization in 2009 and calls down the street: "If necessary, we take to the streets to defend our rights as we have always done, "he warned. Monday, November 25, calm reigned in the streets of Tegucigalpa and other major cities of the country's president and other strategic areas of the capital were under close surveillance and military police. With AFP dispatches

The dream of "Yellow Dogs" Iranian murdered in Brooklyn

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013


They fled Iran to go after their dream rock. Invited in 2010 by the SXSW festival in Texas, the Soroush and Arash Farazmand (guitarist and drummer respectively) brothers had decided not to return home. The musicians had sought asylum in the United States and began to make a name in the grunge bars in Brooklyn.

In Iran, where rock is an "illegal activity" deemed contrary to religion, Yellow Dogs [Yellow Dog Ed] occurred in garages and basements for underground concerts . But the United States, post-punk their sound weird and exotic words were warmly welcomed. Prominently in Rolling Stone, they were invited to play all over the country with the other two members of their group: Siavash Karampour singer and bassist Koory Mirz. There are three weeks, the entire group produced the famous Brooklyn Bowl. On its website, the club described the Yellow Dogs as a "roaring life, spirit, tension and imagination" group.

Monday, November 11th in the morning, the two brothers were found dead, shot to death, along with their roommate and Iranian musician and songwriter Ali Eskandarian, 35. Their killer, Ali Akbar Mohammadi Rafie, a former member of another Iranian group, the Free Keys, has committed suicide shortly after the incident.

Shot dead in their apartment

According to the spokesman for the police, John J. McCarthy, interviewed by the New York Times, Rafie accessed the apartment through the roof. He had placed his gun in a guitar case. It was first shot Ali Eskandarian through a lounge window. Then in the chest Soroush, 27, who was lying in bed. Then came the turn of Arash, 28, shot in the head while he was on his computer.

Another resident of the apartment, the Iranian street-artist Sasan Sadeghpourosko, was shot twice in the shoulder and elbow, but survived. Rafie smashed the door of another apartment in the building, finding himself born in born with Pooya Hosseini, also a musician. The latter fought with him and escaped unharmed. Rafie is then returned to the roof of the building where he was shot in the head.

Salehezadeh Ali, who was the manager of the group and lived in the same block, told Reuters they had cut off contact with Rafie after he e , ty excluded Free Keys for stealing money. "When he was fired from his own group, we almost severed all ties with him. We were not really friends with him, "said Ali Salehezadeh in a telephone interview from Brazil. Himself had trouble finding a possible motive for the killings. "I do not know if it is right for them, for us, or for revenge because a member of the Free Keys live with us."

"Good boys"

Bassist and singer Koory Mirz Siavash Karampour were not there at the time of the attack. Monday, they posted a message on the group's Facebook page to announce the news, thanking their fans for the many messages of condolence still kept coming Tuesday.

Brian Kiernan Devine Jr., a member of a film crew who made a documentary about the group, said he was "shattered" by the news. "This is the youth group of the warmest, sincere and idealistic we had the chance to know artists. They managed to escape from Iran, were granted political asylum in New York to pursue their creative dreams (…) All this to be slaughtered in their beds. It is incomprehensible. This is madness. "

Yanira Lantigua, cashier of a local grocery store where young people would do their errands, calls "lovely and quiet boys who have never had a cross word." Monday, around 1 am, she heard the police helicopters flying over the area. It made him a shock to learn that she knew the victims. "They came to buy sandwiches and coffee as recently as a few days ago," she tells FRANCE 24. "The brothers were inseparable. They were really good boys. "

Alireza Tabiban an Iranian expatriate based in Austin, Texas, who had met and had seen them twice in concert, describes them as "very cool boys who just wanted to play their music and have fun. "He added that his family and friends in Tehran would be horrified by the details of this story. "There are not many murders by firearms [in Iran], since it is illegal to possess weapons," he told FRANCE 24. Mehdi Saharkhiz, an Observer FRANCE 24 who met the group in 2010 and spoke of them with passion, tweeted Monday: "This is hell. I still can not believe it. "

Slaughtered on the rise

The Yellow Dogs had built a solid fan club in the United States and beyond. The last member of the group to be granted asylum in the United States had received his papers there are only a few months. The rockers were planning a tour of Europe and Turkey, where they hoped to happen to their family and friends. "Our parents have never seen us play!" Confided Soroush Farazmand in April 2012 in an interview with eMusic.

Before leaving Iran, the group formed in 2006 in Tehran appeared in a documentary about the underground music scene of the Iranian capital, "Persian Cats". The film won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes in 2009. That same year, in a CNN report, Siavash Karampour judged its affiliates as "closer than [his] brothers."

In the last interview that Soroush Farazmand gave before being killed, he explained to Vice magazine: "We have decided to live in Brooklyn because it's a place where we can grow. "Their apartment 318 East Williamsburg became a gathering place for artists and Iranian musicians.

"It was a small group of punk underground from Iran who was turning heads," explains Ali Salehezadeh their manager in an interview with Reuters. "They always said, 'If you want to get there, we must do so in New York,'" he relates. "But they have not been so lucky."

Adapted by Steven Jambot in Paris.

SPY: Listening Merkel: Snowden prepared to testify from Russia

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013


In the case of listening to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Edward Snowden could be heard in Russia, but former U.S. intelligence refugee consultant in Russia prefer testify before Congress in the United States, announced Friday, November 1 lawyer and a German MEP.

Wanted by Washington after his revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA) for which he worked, Edward Snowden can not go to Germany for fear of losing his refugee status, but can testify without leaving Russia, told his Russian lawyer Anatoly Koutcherena. 

Berlin "ready to listen Snowden"

"Under international agreements, Snowden may testify in Russia, but the German authorities to decide. Snowden did not go to Germany. This is impossible because it does not have the right to cross the Russian border. If he does, he may lose his refugee status, "said the lawyer in the Echo of Moscow radio.

His revelations have provoked strong reactions in Europe, especially in Germany, where information about the alleged spy cell phone Chancellor Angela Merkel came as a shock.

Following his meeting with U.S. fugitive in Russia, in an undisclosed location, the German MEP Hans-Christian Ströbele told Berlin that the launcher preferred alert rerait testify before the U.S. Congress. But the American has also expressed willingness to testify before the German parliament, according Ströbele. Berlin said he was "willing to listen" Snowden said for its part, the German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich.

"The U.S. government will cease its harmful behavior"

Office Ströbele released Friday a photo of his meeting with Snowden and added that the American had forwarded a letter to the German government, the Bundestag (lower house of the German Parliament) and parquet. "I am confident that with the support of the international community, the U.S. government cease its harmful behavior (to me)," he has written in this letter. "I look forward to speaking with you in your country when the situation will be resolved, has he added.

Interviewed by the first German television channel ARD, the deputy Ströbele said the American had "showed that he knew a lot […]. It is ready in principle to help clear "business, has he added.

"The meeting went well," observed the Russian lawyer stating that the German deputy asked if he could Snowden including "witness" ,. espionage in an alleged mobile phone Angela Merkel "It's Putin to decide"

Snowden "is ready to cooperate with everyone, you see, there is no prohibition. It is itself decides who to contact and when, "the lawyer added, quoted by the Interfax news agency.

"It's Putin to decide"

The Kremlin declined to comment Friday, though Putin was asked in the past as long as Edward Snowden continues his revelations could "harm the United States" and if he remained in Russia. "It is not a matter for the Kremlin," said the spokesman of the President, Dmitry Peskov.

Questioned by AFP, the independent analyst Pavel Felgenhauer, for his part felt that the U.S. was under the control of fugitive Russian special services and its flexibility was limited e by the Kremlin. "It's Putin to decide what Snowden has the right to say. He asked to Snowden as long as they do not harm America, but there is that Putin knows what the parameters are, "he says.

According to his lawyer, Edward Snowden has adapted to life in Russia, he goes to the museum and the theater, and found work in Russia must deal from Friday a recognized website, whose name was not revealed.

In an interview with German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung published Saturday, Mr. Snowden said he did not regret making his revelations, while conceding that which cost him more in his current situation was "not to have regular contact with his family and loved ones."

With news

Amnesty wants to disrupt the relay of the Olympic flame in Russia

Sunday, October 6th, 2013


The start of the Olympic torch promises to unfold under high tension. While Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Sunday will kick off the relay of the Olympic flame will travel 65,000 miles across the country to the opening of the Olympics in Sochi on the 7th February 2014, Amnesty International will launch at that time a global campaign against violations of human rights in Russia

Arriving from Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics, the flame is expected Sunday at Moscow-Vnukovo airport at 10:45 GMT in the presence of Russian leaders and the French Jean-Claude Killy, Chairman of the Coordination Commission for the Games of Sochi, southern Russia, from 7 to 23 February 2014.

A ceremony is then provided on the Red Square, where the Russian president will officially launch the relay of the Olympic flame in Russia.  "Drawing attention to the extent of violations of human rights"

The NGO Amnesty International has already announced Monday - the day when the Olympic Torch Relay will begin its journey through the streets of Moscow - a global campaign to denounce violations of human rights in Russia. "The Olympic flame can shed light on violations of human rights that the authorities prefer to hide with the celebrations," the NGO said in a statement .

"Supporters of Ottawa to Puerto Rico via Warsaw, Paris, Brussels, and Moscow will hold demonstrations in public places and in front of the Russian embassy to draw attention to the magnitude of human rights freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly in Russia, "Amnesty said in a statement.

In Moscow, the NGO plans to hold a rally on Pushkin Square in the heart of the capital, but the Russian authorities refused, she has said.  

Extensive safety device

Thousands of police will be mobilized from 6 to 8 October in Moscow where the Olympic flame arrives Olympics in Sochi. "Around 12,000 police personnel assigned to the Ministry of Interior and volunteers will be mobilized for public order and public safety during the Olympic torch relay in Moscow" ,, police said in a statement.

In addition to the police, about 6,000 security officers will be mobilized for the event, said on his part the Russian daily Izvestia Friday. The Russian Army will also participate in security operations.

The Sochi Olympics are an event that is particularly Vladimir Putin, who has used his influence to get the organization that wishes to make a showcase of Russia which he is the strong man for 13 years.

With news

IRAN: Hassan Rohani wants to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue "in the coming months"

Thursday, September 26th, 2013


"A resolution is needed in a reasonable time [on the Iranian nuclear issue, Ed]." In an interview with the U.S. newspaper "The Washington Post" and published Wednesday, September 25, Iranian President Hassan Rohani has continued to multiply goodwill gestures on the issue of nucleating , Iranian area that plagues Tehran's relations with the West for eight years.

"The only way forward is to effectively implement a short time frame in the negotiations and to respect it. It is a decision of my government, this speed is essential to resolve the nuclear […] folder. Three months would be the choice for Iran, but if it is six months, is also satisfactory. It is a matter of months, not years, "continued the Iranian president, pledging to transparency" if the West recognizes the rights of Iran. "

Towards normalization of US-Iran relations?

Such an agreement, he noted, would normalize relations between Tehran and Washington, which cut diplomatic ties since 1980. "If Mr. Obama and I were to meet, we would look both to the future prospects and hopes for the future, said the Iranian president "Washington Post". Notes, letters and exchanges we go in this direction. We need a starting point. I think it is the nuclear "folder.

At the forum of the United Nations Tuesday, Hassan Rohani had assured his country was ready to cooperate both bilaterally and multilaterally and added want to resolve this issue " , as soon as possible "," in the interest of all. " "Iran is definitely not a threat to the world," he had said.

However, if the President takes towards Westerners less bellicose than his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tone, it has provided virtually nothing to change the Iranian official line on this e , thorny nuclear issue, reiterating that his country is not seeking to develop nuclear weapons, as the suspect in the Security Council.

Historic meeting of foreign ministers

On Thursday, the foreign ministers of the five countries of the Security Council, which joins the head of German diplomacy (P5 +1), must meet their Iranian counterpart. An unprecedented meeting on this issue, approached with caution by Western diplomats. "There is some optimism to the United Nations on the issue of Iran's nuclear, but cautious optimism, notes Emmanuel Saint-Martin, FRANCE 24 correspondent in New York. For example, a Western diplomat told us awful lot of gestures and signals were sent [by Tehran, Ed], but for now, nothing changed really substance. "

According to the journalist, world diplomacy relies heavily on the meeting. "We hope the west side, learn more about Iran's intentions, what really are its objectives. One issue within three to six months, as determined by Hassan Rohani, is a very ambitious goal to scale that are Iranian-Western relations. It must be remembered that the P5 +1 negotiating on this issue since 2006. For now, we know, without any result. "

Hassan Rohani, he displayed an unwavering determination to approach this historic meeting: "One of the objectives of this meeting with the P5 +1 is to prove to each other that a solution the nuclear issue is a real concern. If we succeed, I can guarantee you that it can be resolved very quickly. " With news

CENTRAL: Report on Central: "What we are experiencing is worse than anything"

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


Already shaky before - - Since the overthrow of President François Bozizé and installing the power of ex-rebels Seleka, the state apparatus has almost disappeared in Central Africa. Many of the 25,000 fighters Seleka coalition no longer obey their immediate superiors, who cut strongholds across the country.

Friday, September 13, the president of Central Michel Djotodia transition came to power at the head of the Seleka on March 24, announced in Bangui the immediate dissolution of the rebel alliance . He had already ordered several times publicly disarmament and cantonment of combatants of the former rebels. In Bangui, it was even forbidden to participate in any operation policing.

These announcement effects had not hitherto had little results. If observers noted a slight improvement in the situation in Bangui, there is nothing in the province. Fighters - "uncontrolled" according to the authorities - committing abuses, violence and looting repeatedly against the population, as could be seen Stephen Huver and Boris Heger. FRANCE 24, they took the road to Bossangoa (250 km northwest of Bangui) on 11 September.

The two journalists were accompanying a convoy on the road, under military escort FOMAC Force (interposition of Central Africa). They crossed dozens of deserted villages while since more than a week, civilians are directly targeted by both sides who oppose. Along the way, they crossed vigilante groups who harass government troops.

Civilians referred

At 50 kilometers from Bossangoa, in 11, the convoy discovered the horror in a burned a few hours earlier village. In total, six people were killed with machetes. According to the Presidency, the abuses of this type are made by supporters of the former president who prey on people of Muslim faith. Michel Djotodia being the first Muslim president of an overwhelmingly Christian country.

The continuing conflict fueling tensions between Christians and Muslims, raising fears of sectarian war. Each community now has its dead and wounded. More than 6,000 Christians dare not leave the diocese of Bossangoa. The sanitary conditions are extremely precarious: a single water point, two latrines, no drugs. Father Frederic Tonfio, vicar general of Bossangoa is exceeded: "That's unheard of. There were riots, rebellions, but what we are experiencing is worse than anything. "

The 8 and 9 September, clashes between forces of the new regime and supporters of General Bozizé had a hundred dead near this location, on a non-final balance provided by the pre , residence. According to the NGO Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the "atrocities were committed by both sides in the conflict."

SYRIA: chemical weapons in Syria Washington, Damascus is "accountable"

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


"What we saw last week in Syria shocked the world's conscience. It defies any code of morality. The indiscriminate killing of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders with chemical weapons is morally indecent. " Monday, August 26, John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, has once again raised its voice against the Syrian regime accused of using weapons chemical.

Such attacks are, according to statements by Barack Obama in April 2012, a "red line" beyond which actions should be taken against the Syrian regime. And indeed, the international community increase the tone and is threatening since August 21, the day of the massacre with chemical weapons in a suburb of Damascus, denounced by the Syrian opposition.

Threats of intervention

"President [U.S. Barack] Obama thinks that those who use the most horrific weapons against the most vulnerable people on the planet are accountable," said John Kerry.

These statements echo the comments made by the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, one of Europe Monday, said: "It is proportioned reactions, measure, act with both determination and composure and that's going to be settled in the coming days. The options are open. The only one I did not expect is to do nothing. "

Earlier, his British counterpart suggested that it was possible to do without the unanimous agreement of the Security Council of the UN. "Otherwise we would not respond to such crimes, such violence," he said.

Barack Obama dragging its feet

Westerners use the threat of military intervention. Are they going to enforce it? "It is, in any case, the rumor in Washington," says Stanislas de Saint Hippolyte, FRANCE 24 correspondent in the United States.

According to Frédéric Pichon, PhD in Contemporary History, London will not be without getting a green light from the United States. "The conditions are not met for intervention to take place in Syria," he says, arguing also the possibility that Washington opts for the use of drones if the United States consider necessary action. "Congress has just authorized the use of drones to carry out actions in Syria," slides specialist.

According to a recent poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos, Barack Obama would risk alienating a large portion of the American public if he decided to fight a war in Syria: 60% of Amer ; Ricans are against intervention in the country, and only 9% support such an operation. A war against the regime in Damascus, even as Washington tries to put an end to the U.S. presence - very expensive - in Afghanistan, would be electorally risky for Barack Obama.

But Isabelle Lasserre, a journalist with "Le Figaro", a specialist in military and strategic issues, says rather a likely response. According to her, the same operation would already underway through Syrian rebel fighters handpicked and trained in Jordan by Jordanian, Israeli and American commandos.

"There are two possible scenarios [in the case of foreign intervention], she says. One can imagine targeted strikes against military targets that could be taken from the American warships stationed in the Mediterranean and cruise missiles. One can also imagine the establishment of a no-fly zone that allows both to protect civilians and provide shelter for soldiers Free Syrian Army, those and even trained in Jordan. "

"We can decide to bypass the UN"

According to Chuck Hagel, U.S. Secretary of Defense, the United States "considering all options." "If any action is taken, it will be with the assistance of the international community and within the framework provided by the laws."

However, the legal provisions that evokes likely to happen to an agreement of the Security Council of the UN, which Russia opposes, since the conflict began, veto and any resolution against the Syrian regime. "For all military actions, one can go through the UN and decide to get around, says Isabelle Lasserre. This has already happened several times: in 1999, when the United States launched an intervention against the Serbs during the conflict in Kosovo. NATO has conducted the game and the UN is later linked to the international process. "

"The problem, she says, is that if we wait for a decision by the UN on Syria, we might have to wait a very long time, because of the Russian veto and Chinese. And for now, we do not know what could push Russia towards the rest of the international community. "

LITERATURE: The author of "Fifty Shades of Grey" among the best paid in the world

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013


The British novelist E.L. James, author of the trilogy of "soft porn" entitled "Fifty Shades of Grey", made a sensational debut in the annual list of the highest paid writers in the world established by the magazine American Forbes.

With an estimated $ 95 million between June 2012 and June 2013 sales revenues of this erotic saga mocked by some as the "mum porn" (literally the e erotica for mothers), EL James and ahead of regulars classification as James Patterson, Danielle Steel and Stephen King. 

On its website, Forbes said on Monday that the e-book format has played a key role in this success as a planetary smash allowing readers / readers to buy this book to re , sulphurous reputation in a very discreet and devour away from prying eyes.


JUSTICE: George Zimmerman found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida

Sunday, July 14th, 2013


It is a verdict that could raise tensions. George Zimmerman was tried, Saturday, July 13, not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin, a black 17 year old shot and killed last year in Florida, whose death has revived the debate on racism and gun control. The jury of six women deliberated more than 16 hours before deciding to 22h (2h GMT Sunday).

George Zimmerman, which was punishable by life imprisonment, remained marble to the verdict before a smile of relief, while his parents hugged and his wife founded into tears. "I think the trial of George Zimmerman was outrageous," said his lawyer Don West. "I'm happy for George Zimmerman, but I'm also excited that the jury made sure that this tragedy does not turn to parody," he added.


The verdict, however, sparked outrage among the dozens of people came to express their support for the victim's parents in court Sanford. However, they did not attend the hearing. "Although my heart is broken, my faith is intact. Together, we can ensure that this does not happen again, "he wrote his father by Tracy Martin on Twitter now.

The Hispanic and 29 years old original defendant said he was attacked by Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed at the time. For the floor, George Zimmerman, volunteer vigil in his neighborhood who believed himself invested with an official mission, was chased and shot without justification.

He could be convicted of murder without premeditation, but the jury has therefore retained no charges. "Today, justice has betrayed Trayvon Martin and his family," indignant Roslyn Brock, president of the National Association of Colored People, said in a statement.


"We immediately invited the Justice Department to conduct an investigation into civil rights violations committed against Trayvon Martin. This case has given new impetus to the movement to end racial profiling in the United States, "she adds.

"Avoid violence, it would lead to further tragedies. Find a way to build, not destroy you in this time of despair, "he wrote on his Pastor Jesse Jackson, civil rights activist, on Twitter.

It happened February 26, 2012 in Sanford has not been the subject of a brief in the local newspaper if the police had immediately proceeded to arrest George Zimmerman.

Believing that he had acted in self-defense, the police have arrested a month and a half after the death of Trayvon Martin, which gave place in large demonstrations across the country. 

No trouble reported at this time Barack Obama has even commented on the case, which led to the resignation of the police chief of Sanford and attracted the attention of the Department of justice in this town of 54,000 souls neighboring Disney World in Orlando.

Bernie the Rionda, the prosecutor handling the case, and his two deputies have expressed "disappointment" with the outcome of the trial. "But we accept it. We live in a great country with a great judicial system. It is not perfect, but it is the best in the world and we respect the jury's verdict, "he said.

According to the Seminole County Sheriff, no trouble was reported in Sanford, whose population is 30% black.

With news

EGYPT: Egypt: President Morsi rejects ultimatum army

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013


Mohamed Morsi did not flinch. Egyptian President rejected Tuesday, July 2 in the morning the ultimatum by the army, which gave him 48 hours to find a solution to the political crisis, otherwise it would take the reins the country. Sure it had not been consulted, the head of state was also felt that the military statement contained statements that "the increased e could lead to confusion. "

The President is also found in difficulty on the political level. No less than six

Government ministers have announced their resignation from Monday and Tuesday, reinforcing the impression of disintegration of the executive. But none of these ministers belong to the Islamic brotherhood.

The army gets involved

Declaring the nation in danger, the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, appointed to his post by Mohamed Morsi, had said Monday in a solemn speech that left the armed forces 48 hours to political leaders to "meet the demands of the people." "If the people's demands are not met during this period (forty-eight hours), they will be forced, because of their historical and national duties, respect for the demands of the great Egyptian people, of announce a roadmap and future actions (…) ", he added.

The army, which has led the transition for seventeen months between the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 and the election of Mr. Morsi in June 2012, does not directly involve this time in politics or government, said the general. But she would oversee the implementation of the roadmap "in collaboration with all groups and movements loyal nation, including young people who have been and remain behind the glorious revolution ".

The initiative of the army reflects the escalating political crisis facing Egypt faces several days of protest. Sunday, millions of people took to the streets of the country to demand the resignation of President Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood and now accused of authoritarian drift by liberal opposition eral.

But Egyptian President does not hear well. Saying that "Egypt will not allow absolutely no turning back whatever the circumstances," Mohamed Morsi landed himself a guarantor of "national reconciliation" and " , social peace, "while the army said last week it would not leave the country," plunge into a dark tunnel of conflict and turmoil. " But the main opposition bloc, the National Front for salvation (NSF), said Monday night that he no longer wanted to discuss with Morsi, it finds more legitimate, and appointed Mohamed ElBaradei as its representative in any discussions with the army.

"The army is stored in the side of the people"

The opposition effect did not hide his satisfaction. A roar rose from the crowd in Tahrir Square emblem of the revolution when army helicopters flew instead deploying flags Egyptians. "The army is stored in the side of the people," said the movement Tamarrod (rebellion in Arabic), the origin of mass demonstrations Sunday.

The military statement was also greeted by cheers from the anti-Morsi protesters gathered outside the presidential palace and praised by the Front national salvation (NTF), which calls for months the formation of a national unity government.

For the former Foreign Minister and former Liberal candidate in the presidential election Amr Moussa, the announcement of the army responds to the wishes of the population. "This is a historic opportunity that should not be missed," he said.

Brothers close ranks around Morsi

Their sides are the Muslim Brotherhood bloc around the president challenged. "The era of military coups is over," and said Yasser Hamza, a leader of the Party for Freedom and Justice (PLJ), an offshoot the Muslim Brotherhood, while an alliance of Islamist parties called in the night of demonstrations in support of Morsi "to defend the legitimacy and express rejection of the coup."

The National Alliance to support the legitimacy added that "formally and categorically rejects led some to use our great army to attack the legitimacy" a way that, she says, would lead to "a coup against the legitimate institutions and the will of the people." 

Moreover, given the increasing number of attacks against the headquarters of the Brotherhood, including the Cairo where deadly clashes took place on Sunday, spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood Gehad El Haddad, n ' not exclude the recovery of "self-defense committees" created during the 2011 revolution.

At least 16 people were killed and 800 wounded since Sunday in clashes on the sidelines of events. The great Islamic institution Al-Azhar, based in Cairo, said fear "a bloodbath." After collecting 22 million signatures for a petition demanding the departure of President accused of authoritarian drift and let the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the country, gave Mr. Tamarrod Morsi until Tuesday 5:00 p.m. (1500 GMT) to leave power. In case of refusal, the movement announced "a full-scale civil disobedience campaign."

With news